International Women’s Day

Always a date we circle on the De Facto calendar…

This takes us back to this time last year. Tom was thinking of ideas of how to promote De Facto to the female market, and was wondering how best to conduct market research. After all, women count for half the population and love a pain-free shaving experience as much as the next guy.

When Tom heard that 250,000 women would be walking through the streets of London for a ‘March 4 Women’ protest his ears pricked. This would be the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and sell to the masses, he thought.

Armed with 2 boxes of De Facto, a pullup stand and a contactless card payment machine, Tom left Knock Airport with one thing in mind – conquering England.

He caught the Tube to Trafalgar Square and set up shop on the side of the street. Not the usual trade show, he would certainly need to have his wits about him given the size of the large female crowd gathering.

“I hadn’t seen a crowd this big since Aldi in Castlebar were doing a special on bread making machines,” said Tom.

“Things started off well, lots of smiles from the passers-by. The odd nod of approval from a well-shaven lady.”

By 3pm things started to turn. It would appear Trafalgar Square turns into a large format beer garden for events like this. Intoxicated woman and an immaculately turned out, perfectly shaven man do not mix.

“I had a few derogatory comments as the day progressed. I put this down to Brexit, a successful Irish businessman taking over London won’t have been to everyone’s taste.”

It was a run-in with South London Girl Guides, a notorious bunch, that made Tom realise he had misjudged the crowd.

“Wot you doin’ mister,” said the young lady.

“Giving you, and the women of London, England the opportunity to have perfectly smooth legs and underarms,” Tom replied while pointing towards his pullup stand.

“I was then showered with a barrage of abuse, along with several eggs from the group. I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t really like eggs” said Tom.

The group also filmed the incident which would go viral on social media.

“Whilst the incident was embarrassing at the time, I returned to Castlebar with my objective met. The video had raised the profile of De Facto to the women of England, and we began to sell huge quantities in the UK,” said Tom.

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