New study shows children don’t trust bearded men…

A few months ago we discovered that men with beards carry considerably higher levels of dangerous bacteria compared to dogs. If that wasn’t enough to send those with face fluff to the bathroom armed with a bottle of De Facto and a razor this latest study surely will. 

How does not being trusted by your children sound? Pretty bad I am sure.

Carried out by Psychologist Dr. Nicole Nelson from University of Queensland, and published in Evolution and Human Behaviour, this new study analysed the feelings of 470 children in relation to facial whiskers. 

Children were shown a series of photos of 164 different men aged from 18 to 22, specifically side-by-side pictures of the same man with and without a beard. Then they were asked to judge men on a series of characteristics, such as dominance, age, attractiveness, parenting ability, and other qualities. Young children found beards overwhelmingly ugly and this only got worse as the child got older. 

“As early as 1 year 9 months, they dislike beards, and kids, as they got older, up to about 13 years, continue to dislike beards even more,” said Dr. Nelson. 

Commenting on the study, Tom Murphy, Managing Director, De Facto:

“For a long time ‘never trust the bearded man’ has been the mantra in the De Facto office. The study results help to confirm what we already knew.”

“Whilst hardly surprising, I am glad this is now official. If men are looking to gain the trust of their child we are here to help,” said Tom.